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Together for Mental Health

May seems to have come and gone even quicker than the previous months of 2022. As we are on the month's final, it is important to recognize that May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Established in 1949, Mental Health America, is an organization that focuses on access to and education about mental health care. This year’s theme is called “Together Mental Health” to focus on our need to work together to advocate for improvements in the mental healthcare system.

This nationally recognized month offers a great opportunity for anyone to strike up a conversation on this topic. However, the need to rally support for mental healthcare does not go away with the month's end. Events such as the horrific tragedy in Uvalde and the ongoing pandemic shine a light on just how great the need is for better community resources, education, and access to providers. Facing an unprecedented mental health crisis, mental healthcare employees work tirelessly to support their clients and communities. Mental health awareness does not have to stop at those who have a role within this field.

In line with this year's theme, it is important to remember that anyone can be an advocate for mental health awareness. There are plenty of ideas online on how to get involved such as with the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI), sharing information or community resources on social media, educate loved ones, or finding a place to volunteer locally.

Improvements in resources including access and the destigmatization of mental healthcare can only happen through the daily advocacy by people like you.

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