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New Year, New You

Committing To Positive Changes

No doubt, 2021 came with a number of trials that many had hoped were left in 2020, but we proved resilient. We proved strong. As we begin our first weeks of 2022, this time of year always stirs feelings of hope and reflection. We hope for the potential of positive changes and commitment to resolution. We also reflect on our past year. What did we do right and what can we do better?

Making New Year's resolutions tends to be tricky to convert into a lasting habit. We’ve all been motivated the first few weeks and somewhere along the line, our goals get lost in the busyness of our lives. How can we create lasting change within ourselves to meet these New Year's resolutions?

From an article by Harvard Medical, they say breakdown seven points to help your New Year’s Resolutions stick.

  1. Dream big. Being ambitious with your goals is compelling for both yourself and others around you. Don’t be afraid to get started on a big idea this year!

  2. Break big dreams into small enough steps. Breaking up your big dream into smaller tasks and milestones can help build your confidence and success as you work on your resolutions.

  3. Understand why you shouldn’t make a change. Making lasting changes starts with understanding why you are sticking with old habits and why you should make the effort to change these habits.

  4. Commit yourself. Written or verbal promises are a fantastic way to keep yourself accountable on days where these goals seem a little out of reach.

  5. Give yourself a medal. Congratulate yourself on every milestone or success you have! You don’t need to wait until the very end of the goal to applaud your own efforts.

  6. Learn from the past. Sincere attempts represent a new lesson learned. Reflect on past attempts at habit changes to learn how to improve on what will or won’t work for you.

  7. Give thanks for what you do. Don’t focus on perfection. Focus on completing and achieving your goals. What you do is enough to keep the progress moving forward.

Have you tried any of these tips or ideas for achieving your resolutions or even just your day-to-day goals? What methods work best for you?

We hope that you are all treating this new year as a fresh and exciting start and that your resolutions keep you motivated throughout the coming year.

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