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I did my BEST today

Written by a Client of Tools for Success Counseling Service

Often, we get so caught up on meeting high expectations and accomplishing goals that we beat ourselves up when we’re having one of “those days''. Dealing with rapid cycling mood swings and racing thoughts can make a typical day seem exhausting and hard to get through, but I am learning to say I did MY best today. My best may look different than my best the day before or the day after, it may look different than your best, yet still I did my best today! Whether that is resting and trying to not judge what happened throughout the day and what happened yesterday, or realizing I could have taken more action while still remembering that I am healing and some days will be better than others. I still did my best despite crippling anxiety, and glooming depression, even if that looks like relaxing in bed with my favorite book all day or crying my eyes out while venting to my therapist. It is okay to rest, reflect, and reset when feeling tired, mentally and emotionally sick. I have to remind myself to pick myself up the next moment and be more mindful. Doing my best is taking those days and becoming more aware of old habits and patterns that hurt me lie to me and cause me to be stagnant. It is when I take it one day at a time, and stop judging and beating myself up, I feel the most hope for change. Doing my best looks like; answering the questions that take place inside of me, and if I can’t, then looking for the answer. Sometimes we have to unplug then recharge and stop searching everywhere else, we can do this by beginning to throw away the junk in our mind and slowly planting and growing flowers in the mind, (pretty thoughts, and better thoughts for your healing journey) this leads to love and acceptance for yourself. I encourage us all to do our best today and everyday so that we may propel into real life changing results.

-The girl with the racing mind.

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