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Celebrating Health & Wellness: Black History Month


As we continue through February, it is the time to not only recognize the importance of black history month, but also the importance of the presence of black therapists and individuals of color seeking therapy for themselves. It is our time to empower each other to take control of our well-being.

There are many statistics indicating the lack of racially and culturally appropriate care in mental health. They Indicate that less than 10% of Black Americans in need of mental health services seek out care. Many are unable to due to the lack of access to services, whether it be due to location, insurance, or work schedules.

With it being more important than ever to connect with a culturally competent therapist, this month is the best time to recognize this would not be possible with the actions and perseverance of the black women and men before us.

2022’s Black History month has brought the theme of “Black Health and Wellness”. This month is focused not only on past leaders in Black health and wellness but also on the various support and aid initiatives started within predominantly black communities. The Association for the Study of African American and History details additional information and past themes for the yearly black history month. Additionally, Mental Health America organization has compiled an extensive collection of resources and information to provide education and support during Black History month.

Take time this month to honor your past history and look forward to being part of a community that builds an even stronger future together.

If you or someone you love is in need of therapy, please reach out today at

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