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Ulyssa Lopez
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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About Me

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First and foremost, congratulations for being here on this page and reading this profile. You turned around, looked whatever it is in the face, and confronted it with courage. It takes a certain level of self-awareness, self-reflection, and bravery to admit that you might be struggling and/or need help, whether that be physical health or mental wellness. You might think to yourself, what has landed me here? I am here to help figure it out, to unpack the many layers we all-natural have as human beings, and to help guide you through this healing journey/season.


I understand this may be a difficult moment in your life and the thought of reaching out to me might cause some discomfort. Maybe something just isn’t working, or perhaps nothing ever has?

As we team up to understand and address your needs, the hope is that you find comfort developing a better sense of self. What is most important is learning to give yourself grace and compassion. We must allow ourselves the luxury of falling apart every now and then.


Since 2020, we all have had to learn and live a different way of life. No one was ready for that and believe it or not a lot of us are still adjusting. As if life wasn’t already hard already, add on such a scary unknown transition, and it could make everything feel almost unbearable. I am here to remind you that no matter the symptoms, anxiety, depression, stress, etc., there is a way to do better tomorrow.


My target clientele are adults, but I do take clients typically 12 and older, though there are rare openings for children. I have included a pie chart to reflect the clients I serves and their ages. Most of my experience comes from working with clients between the ages of 19-29 years old, though I do take on clients older and younger. I work from a framework of mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral therapy, resolutions-based, and client focused. Feel free to reach out, and let’s see what work we can accomplish together today.


My Experience

Master of Social Work - Westfield State University

Licensed Clinical Social Worker – 2019 to Present

Insurances Accepted

Aetna of CT

Aetna of MA


CT Medicaid



Professional Pages & Associations

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