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Sherie Etienne
Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

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About Me


Life can be full of many different obstacles that are not only unpredictable/unforeseen but can make life unmanageable such as, new, or unresolved past trauma, depression, anxiety, managing daily stressors, interpersonal conflict with self or at work, or grief and loss of a loved one. All of which can have a direct impact on an individual’s quality of life and mental health. As challenges arise so must you. Self-discovery and self-resilience can only be found through self-work. Therapy provides us the opportunity to do that internal work and resolve internal conflict effectively. 

I am a firm believer that everyone’s needs are unique, and therapy should be tailored to the individual, which is why I find person-centered focused therapy most useful in my line of work. It allows individuals to address their needs, goals, desires, and limitations in a way that is most useful and appropriate to them. 

I have extensive knowledge and skillset in working with individuals (adults and adolescents) and families dealing with unresolved trauma, depression, anxiety, daily stressor, job-related difficulties, relationship problems, substance abuse/addiction, and co-occurring disorders. My main goal is to provide a safe and trustworthy environment that is non-judge and interactive to assist in your journey towards understanding and healing. 

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