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Rahel Stein
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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About Me

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It can be difficult to strip away the myriad influences imposed upon us from an early age. We may perceive our reality as limited, struggle to find our true course, and even lose ourselves living according to external pressures; recognizing every so often, discord between the head and the heart. 


I believe that every person is entitled to live an authentic and fulfilling life. The first step is to access a deeper presence where we can feel and begin to sort out the various forces moving through us. What clarity might present itself under such conditions? 

My own life’s journey continually informs my therapeutic practice, which is, to bring presence and a deep desire for truth and alignment to the healing journey. My approach is one of asking questions, with curiosity & openness; creating a space that is free of judgment, growth-oriented, and rich with insight. I specialize in navigating complex relationships by supporting clients to recognize and take ownership over their needs and desires— the very roots of our life force. My background in mindfulness practice permeates my approach with compassion and softness, to support you in making contact with and strengthening your inner reservoir. I welcome clients of all backgrounds, and have unique experience working with LGBTQ folks and their families.

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