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Jennifer Wallace-Johnson
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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About Me

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The pressures of society and our individual lives can be overwhelming. Everyone needs support to build resiliency and gain new personal insight. Together, let's build on the tools needed to tackle the challenges you face. Whether there are mental health concerns, traumatic experiences to unpack, or you just need an unbiased sounding board, connecting with professional support is the first step.

Exploring your lived experiences with cultural context at the forefront sets the stage to capitalize on your collective and individual strengths. Step into your true identity with confidence through therapeutic intervention and support.

Building a trusting therapeutic relationship that validates, motivates, and inspires are my shared goals with you. Through critical self-reflection and building a deep understanding of how you've been socialized, anything is possible. If you are hesitant to take that first step, allow me to help you make that decision. Let’s talk.

My Experience

  • Master of Social Work - Springfield College, 2018

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