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Ayana Williams
Springfield College Student Intern

Succulent Plant and Binder Clips

About Me


Hello! My name is Ayana Williams. I am looking forward to learning how I can become an excellent art therapist with the help of my supervisor Valerie Barrett.

I am a military kid, so essentially I am from all over the United States. I received my bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Art at the University of Central Arkansas. Through my undergraduate degree, I was able to work with preschool to college students in afterschool programs, head start programs, and on campus. I am now attending Springfield College where I am attaining my M.Ed in Art Therapy and Counseling. When I am not nose
deep in my textbooks, I like to hike, travel, create art, and read.

Art therapy is a non verbal form of communication that primarily aims to help individuals
experiencing emotional and psychological challenges achieve personal well-being and improved
levels of function. It is helpful for those who struggle with expressing their feelings and emotions
or discussing and remembering painful experiences. Art grants us a new positive outlook on life
and a new coping skill.

I believe art therapy will enhance the therapeutic process. Participating in art therapy
does not require you to be an artist or have skills in art nor do you have to create something
every session. With me as your guide, you will be given the freedom to explore, to feel, and

express yourself in a safe environment. I welcome you to be your true, vulnerable, authentic self, and I am excited to work together on your journey.

My Experience

Current Student with Springfield College

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